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د ويکيپېډيا، وړیا پوهنغونډ له خوا
Hassium,  108Hs
عمومي خواص
Pronunciation /ˈhæsiəm/[۱]
Appearancesilvery (predicted)[۲]
Hassium په دوراني جدول کې
Hydrogen (diatomic nonmetal)
Helium (noble gas)
Lithium (alkali metal)
Beryllium (alkaline earth metal)
Boron (metalloid)
Carbon (polyatomic nonmetal)
Nitrogen (diatomic nonmetal)
Oxygen (diatomic nonmetal)
Fluorine (diatomic nonmetal)
Neon (noble gas)
Sodium (alkali metal)
Magnesium (alkaline earth metal)
Aluminium (post-transition metal)
Silicon (metalloid)
Phosphorus (polyatomic nonmetal)
Sulfur (polyatomic nonmetal)
Chlorine (diatomic nonmetal)
Argon (noble gas)
Potassium (alkali metal)
Calcium (alkaline earth metal)
Scandium (transition metal)
Titanium (transition metal)
Vanadium (transition metal)
Chromium (transition metal)
Manganese (transition metal)
Iron (transition metal)
Cobalt (transition metal)
Nickel (transition metal)
Copper (transition metal)
Zinc (transition metal)
Gallium (post-transition metal)
Germanium (metalloid)
Arsenic (metalloid)
Selenium (polyatomic nonmetal)
Bromine (diatomic nonmetal)
Krypton (noble gas)
Rubidium (alkali metal)
Strontium (alkaline earth metal)
Yttrium (transition metal)
Zirconium (transition metal)
Niobium (transition metal)
Molybdenum (transition metal)
Technetium (transition metal)
Ruthenium (transition metal)
Rhodium (transition metal)
Palladium (transition metal)
Silver (transition metal)
Cadmium (transition metal)
Indium (post-transition metal)
Tin (post-transition metal)
Antimony (metalloid)
Tellurium (metalloid)
Iodine (diatomic nonmetal)
Xenon (noble gas)
Caesium (alkali metal)
Barium (alkaline earth metal)
Lanthanum (lanthanide)
Cerium (lanthanide)
Praseodymium (lanthanide)
Neodymium (lanthanide)
Promethium (lanthanide)
Samarium (lanthanide)
Europium (lanthanide)
Gadolinium (lanthanide)
Terbium (lanthanide)
Dysprosium (lanthanide)
Holmium (lanthanide)
Erbium (lanthanide)
Thulium (lanthanide)
Ytterbium (lanthanide)
Lutetium (lanthanide)
Hafnium (transition metal)
Tantalum (transition metal)
Tungsten (transition metal)
Rhenium (transition metal)
Osmium (transition metal)
Iridium (transition metal)
Platinum (transition metal)
Gold (transition metal)
Mercury (transition metal)
Thallium (post-transition metal)
Lead (post-transition metal)
Bismuth (post-transition metal)
Polonium (post-transition metal)
Astatine (metalloid)
Radon (noble gas)
Francium (alkali metal)
Radium (alkaline earth metal)
Actinium (actinide)
Thorium (actinide)
Protactinium (actinide)
Uranium (actinide)
Neptunium (actinide)
Plutonium (actinide)
Americium (actinide)
Curium (actinide)
Berkelium (actinide)
Californium (actinide)
Einsteinium (actinide)
Fermium (actinide)
Mendelevium (actinide)
Nobelium (actinide)
Lawrencium (actinide)
Rutherfordium (transition metal)
Dubnium (transition metal)
Seaborgium (transition metal)
Bohrium (transition metal)
Hassium (transition metal)
Meitnerium (unknown chemical properties)
Darmstadtium (unknown chemical properties)
Roentgenium (unknown chemical properties)
Copernicium (transition metal)
Nihonium (unknown chemical properties)
Flerovium (unknown chemical properties)
Moscovium (unknown chemical properties)
Livermorium (unknown chemical properties)
Tennessine (unknown chemical properties)
Oganesson (unknown chemical properties)


اټومي شمیره (Z)108
گروپ, پیریودgroup 8, period 7
Element category  transition metal
Mass number277 (most stable isotope)
Electron configuration[Rn] 5f14 6d6 7s2 [۳]
Electrons per shell
2, 8, 18, 32, 32, 14, 2
فزیکي خواص
حالت (at STP)جامد (predicted)[۴]
Density near r.t.41 g/cm3 (predicted)[۳]
اټومي خواص
Oxidation states8, (6), (5), (4), (3), (2)[۲][۳][۵][۶] ​(parenthesized oxidation states are predictions)
Ionization energies
  • 1st: 733.3 kJ/mol
  • 2nd: 1756.0 kJ/mol
  • 3rd: 2827.0 kJ/mol
  • (more) (all but first estimated)[۳]
Atomic radiusempirical: 126 pm (estimated)[۳]
Covalent radius134 pm (estimated)[۷]
Crystal structurehexagonal close-packed (hcp)
Hexagonal close-packed crystal structure for hassium
Hexagonal close-packed crystal structure for hassium

CAS Number54037-57-9
Namingafter Script error: The function "lang" does not exist., Latin for Hesse, Germany, where it was discovered[۲]
DiscoveryGesellschaft für Schwerionenforschung (1984)
Main isotopes of hassium
آيسو­ټوپ Abun­dance نیم ژوند (t1/2) Decay mode Pro­duct
277Hs syn 30 s SF
271Hs syn 4 s α 267Sg
270Hs syn 10 s α 266Sg
269Hs syn 9.7 s α 265Sg
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هاسيوم (په انگرېزي: Hassium) له کیمیاوي عناصرو څخه یو دی چې په تناوبي جدول کې د Hs سمبول او ۱۰۸ اتمي شمېرې په وسیله ښودل شوی دی.




د استعمال ځایونه[سمول]


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دا ليکنه نابشپړه ده، تاسې ددې ليکنې په بشپړولو کې د ويکيپېډيا سره مرسته کولای شئ.