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د ويکيپېډيا، وړیا پوهنغونډ له خوا


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يو مخاطب لپاره[سمول]

لاندې کوډ وکاروئ:

{{reply to|Username}} Message text. ~~~~

For example, "{{Reply to| عثمان منصور انصاري}}" generates "@عثمان منصور انصاري:".

The comment must be signed and belong to a section in order for the notification to work.

Multiple recipients[سمول]

You can reply to up to 7 people at once. Use the following syntax:

{{reply to|User1|User2|User3|User4|User5|User6|User7}} Message text. ~~~~

For example, {{reply to|Example| عثمان منصور انصاري}} will produce:

@Example, عثمان منصور انصاري:

Warning: If the total number of detected to-be-pinged users in an edit exceeds 20, no notifications will be delivered.