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کينډۍ:Barnstar documentation

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This template is used to provide generic documentation for most of the barnstar templates.

Parameters available

  • |for= Used to briefly describe what the award is for.
  • |alt= set to yes if there is an alt parameter which is used to show an alternative image.
  • |nomessage= set to yes if there is not any option to customise the awards message.
  • |autosign= set to yes if the template automatically signs the message.
  • |header= Used to add any header notes to docs. Add things such as shortcut links here.
  • |footer= Used to add any footer notes to docs.
  • |usage= Used to replace the standard Usage-section with a user defined.
  • |cat= Category name (without "Category:"), if it is something more specific than Barnstar award templates

Templates beginning with The like {{The Jupiter Barnstar}} should include a {{DEFAULTSORT}} (in this case: {{DEFAULTSORT:Jupiter Barnstar, The}}).

Usage (of this template)

  • Like the general {{Documentation}} template, place {{Barnstar documentation}} between <noinclude> tags below the barnstar template code. Be sure to place the first tag, <noinclude> (the opening tag), after the very last code of the barnstar template. If the opening tag is placed on its own line below the template code, then it will introduce undesirable whitespace below the end-product barnstar template.
  • The "Usage" header below and the text (code) beneath it will be included in the barnstar documentation under that header unless altered by the usage= parameter.


To use this template, add {{subst:Barnstar documentation|1=Put your message here. ~~~~}} to the talk page of the user to whom you wish to award it.