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دعناصرو دوراني جدول

د ويکيپېډيا، وړیا پوهنغونډ له خوا

دعناصرو دوراني جدول داتومي وزن دزياتوالي په اساس د هنري موزلي لخوا ترتیب شوی دی چې د ۷په ۱۸ دمعیار په اساس باندې لاندې شکل کې ترتیب شوی دی

کينډۍ:Sidebar periodic table

Left to right: s-, f-, d-, p-block in the periodic table

فلزات، شبه فلزات، غیرفلزات[سمول]

کينډۍ:Legend inline, کينډۍ:Legend inline, کينډۍ:Legend inline, and کينډۍ:Legend inline in the periodic table. Sources disagree on the classification of some of these elements.

الکترون ترتیبونه[سمول]

آرنۍ ليکنه: Electronic configuration
Approximate order in which shells and subshells are arranged by increasing energy according to the Madelung rule
Periodic table trends (arrows show an increase)

اټومي شعاع[سمول]

آرنۍ ليکنه: Atomic radius
Atomic number plotted against atomic radius[n ۱]

دایونايزیشن انرژي[سمول]

Ionization energy: each period begins at a minimum for the alkali metals, and ends at a maximum for the noble gases

دعناصرو الکترو نګاتیوټي[سمول]

آرنۍ ليکنه: Electronegativity
Graph showing increasing electronegativity with growing number of selected groups

الكټرونيكي اړېکې=[سمول]

آرنۍ ليکنه: Electron affinity
Dependence of electron affinity on atomic number.[۱] Values generally increase across each period, culminating with the halogens before decreasing precipitously with the noble gases. Examples of localized peaks seen in hydrogen, the alkali metals and the group 11 elements are caused by a tendency to complete the s-shell (with the 6s shell of gold being further stabilized by relativistic effects and the presence of a filled 4f sub shell). Examples of localized troughs seen in the alkaline earth metals, and nitrogen, phosphorus, manganese and rhenium are caused by filled s-shells, or half-filled p- or d-shells.[۲]

لومړۍ سيستماتيکه لاسته راوړنه s[سمول]

The discovery of the elements mapped to significant periodic table development dates (pre-, per- and post-)
Newlands' periodic table, as presented to the Chemical Society in 1866, and based on the law of octaves

دمندلیف جدول[سمول]

Dmitri Mendeleev, watercolour by Ilya Repin
Mendeleev's periodic table from his book An Attempt Towards a Chemical Conception of the Ether
A version of Mendeleev's 1869 periodic table: An experiment on a system of elements based on their atomic weights and chemical similarities. This early arrangement presents the periods vertically, and the groups horizontally.

دویم ورژن او لازیات پرمختګ[سمول]

Mendeleev's 1871 periodic table with eight groups of elements. Dashes represented elements unknown in 1871.
Eight-column form of periodic table, updated with all elements discovered to 2016

متفاوت دوراني جدول[سمول]

The long- or 32-column table[سمول]

The periodic table in 32-column format

لنتنیوم او اکتینیوم[سمول]

La and Ac below Y

لوتیتیوم او لرینسیوم[سمول]

Lu and Lr below Y

لنتنايدونه او اکتنایدونه[سمول]

Markers below Y

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