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د ويکيپېډيا، وړیا پوهنغونډ له خوا
د باړخو نيوپلاستيک تومور، په دې انځور کې يو کبيسه تومور ښودل شوی چې Hidradenoma نومېږي.

يو تومور يا ټيومور د يوه نيوپلازم نوم دی او يا هم د يوه جامده کتلې نوم دی چې د سلولونو د غېرنورمال برار او ودې په سبب راولاړېږي (په طبي اصطلاحگانو کې نيوپلاستيکي سلولونو نه جوړ وي) او د يوه بړسوب او بوغمې په څېر ښکاري.[۱] د تومو نوم د سرطان د نوم سره هممانيزه يا مترادف نوم نه دی. يو تومور کېدای شي چې کبيسه، د خبيسه حالت نه مخکې او يا هم په کبيسه بڼه وي، خو سرطان بيا يوازې د يوه تومور خبيسه او زيان پېښوونکي بڼې باندې تعريف شوی.


د تومور اصطلاح د لاطيني ژبې نه راوتلې او په لاطين ژبه کې تومور د "پړسوب" په مانا کارېږي. همدا نوم بيا له لاطيني ژبې نه انگرېزي ته له زړې فرانسوۍ ژبې راغلی چې بيا وروسته نورو ژبو هم دا نوم خپل کړی دی.

In its medical sense it originally meant an abnormal swelling of the flesh. In contemporary English, tumor is synonymous with solid neoplasm,[۲] all other forms of swelling being called swelling.[۳] This usage is common also in medical literature, where the nouns tumefaction and tumescence, derived from the adjective tumefied, are the current medical terms for non-neoplastic swelling.

طبي متون

According to medical literature there are 5 distinguishing characteristics of an abnormality (infection, or malformation)

   * tumor (swelling)
   * calor (heath : markable temperature difference with the surrounding tissue)
   * rubor (redness : difference in colour)
   * dolor (pain)
   * functio laesa (dysfunction : the inability to use a limb or organ fully).

Its important that a tumor can be benign or malign (usually measured on a shifting or continously graded scale).

Not every swelling is a tumor according to the definition, swelling can occur due to increased production of fluid (oedema), a cell groth or both. Examples :

  • A bump after a fall is primarily oedema, perhaps combined with soem red bloodcell from a localised microscopic hemorrage.
  • In case of a carbuncle the content is oedema, infectious bacteria, white cells and pus
  • In a Sebaceous cyst the cavity is filled with tallow-like material.
  • A wart is considered a tumor albeit benign.
  • Finally there are malignent tumors that are of cancerous origin like the Glioblastoma Multiform


A neoplasm is an abnormal proliferation of tissues, usually caused by genetic mutations. Most neoplasms cause a tumor, with a few exceptions like leukemia or carcinoma in situ.

A tumor may be benign, pre-malignant or malignant. The nature of the tumor is determined by a pathologist after examination of the tumor tissues from a biopsy or a surgical excision specimen.


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