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د "هنرېک ايبسن" د بڼو تر مېنځ توپير

۳۱۰ تورى ورگډ شول ،  ۱۱ کاله مخکې
د سمون لنډيز پرته
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هنرېک جان ايبسن "Henrik Johan Ibsen"
هنريک جان ايبسن يو ناروېژی ډېر موغزه ډرامه لیکونکی و او د نن ورځې د پرمخ تللې نړۍ پېلامګر و . دی د رياليزم مخکښه عالم و . او د نن ورځې د موډرنې ډرامې لومړنی لیکوال ګڼل کېږ .
([[March 20]], [[1828]]–[[May 23]], [[1906]]) was an extremely influential [[Norway|Norwegian]] [[playwright]] who was largely responsible for the rise of the modern [[realism (arts)|realistic]] [[dramaډرامه]] (dubbed "the father of modern drama"). It is said that Ibsen is the most frequently performed dramatist in the world after [[Shakespeare]]. He is held to be the greatest Norwegian author of all times, being celebrated as a national symbol by Norwegians, and as one of the most important playwrights in world history.
[[دوتنه:Henrik Ibsen.jpg|thumb|250|leftt|د هنرېک ايبسن د وروستيو وختونو يو انځور]]
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